The Network:
Our network is engineered on various enterprise class technologies capable of delivering high quality voice and data
services at multi-megabit speeds. We have very limited dependencies on outside services such as power and phone companies.
Because of this we enjoy greater reliability with fewer points of failure allowing us to confidently offer the following solutions.
Business Solutions:   Other Solutions:
- Alternatives to costly T1, DS3 or fractional DS3 lines   We also specialize in the following areas.
- Primary or backup internet links.    
- Point to point solutions replacing costly leased lines.   - Wired or wireless network design and implementation.
- Dedicated logical network segments.   - Dedicated point to point wireless links.
- Feeds to other wired, wireless or mesh networks.   - Mesh network design and implementation.
- Private links to remote locations within our area.   - Public safety networks.
- Opportunities for resellers.   - Temporary networks.
- Greater reliability and consistency than other providers.   - Networks for special events.
- Voice (IP PBX) business phone systems (more info)   - Home phone serivce
- Commercial radio communications & tower services    
Please contact us via phone or email with any inquiries.
(440) 647-5626    
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